The ROSELLA history in fashion reads like a rags to riches tale of humble beginnings in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, transformed through hard work to a fashion empire. With 12 stand-alone stores to date, woman of all ages with an eye and need for quality have been coveting the Rosella Brand, as well as the array and quality of the international brands that the stores stock.

It is our attention to detail, high-quality standards and professionalism that has earned us a mass following from all over South Africa. ROSELLA has one motto; ”Customer Satisfaction – if a client feels looked after and comfortable with what they are wearing, we’ve done our job well”. Add to this our philosophy of beautiful styling, distinctive fabrics and tailor made customer service and you end up with a brand that has many a South African fashionista or celebrity drooling in anticipation for the next season’s ranges.

With a proudly African origin and International essence ROSELLA has carved a solid standing in fashion and unsurpassable style that moves keenly forward, ensuring all who behold the brand are expressly dressed in the very best.

Style inspired by elegance!

SHOE FAYRE was founded in 1977 in Lynnwood, Pretoria. With time, this area became an authentic fashion district thanks to the local boutiques that started to pop up in the new GlenFair mall in the early 80s. The brand quickly gained notoriety and started to expand their offering to their clientele to include handbags as well.

Shoe Fayreís brand continued to grow throughout the years. In mid-2014 the brand was bought out by the prestigious luxury brands group Rosella. Since then, Shoe Fayre has also been in production with their own unique range, leading a creative innovation project for the brand, while maintaining its essential artisan values and high-quality materials. As part of the Rosella Family, a name change was inevitable – from there to Rosella Shoes.

The most versatile Spring outfit!
Custom designed / handcrafted ladies sandals!
Stay ahead of the trend with embroidered Jolie Sneakers!
Best of both worlds with our Jolie Twinsets (Cami & Cardigan Combination)





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