CLOTHING MADE IN ITALY The Made in Italy brand has been used since 1980 to indicate the international uniqueness of Italy. Made in Italy is a merchandise mark indicating that a product is all planned, manufactured and packed in Italy. Italian fashion products are associated with quality, high specialization, differentiation, elegance and strong links to experienced and famous Italian industrial districts often connected with the concept of luxury. Rosella specializes in a wide range of Made In Italy styles for classic, elegant and stylish women. Rosella imports a diverse selection of Made In Italy fashion to suit every taste and every occasion. GERRY WEBER At the beginning of the exceptional success story of GERRY WEBER International AG in 1973, there was a vision of creating a new and unique combination of fashion, lifestyle and experience. Through intuition, vision and the determination of the founders, as well as a strong team, an international, listed fashion and lifestyle company emerged. JOSEPH RIBKOFF Introducing Joseph Ribkoff. A collection with global appeal. The Brand reflects an in-depth understanding of fashion trends and caters to the upper echelon of the fashion market by offering a unique style, which has given the name Joseph Ribkoff international recognition. Femininity is the philosophy behind each collection. Every style in a collection is designed for women who love being women, enjoy their feminine curves and want to show them off, whether they are size 2 or 20, whether they are 35 or 60 years of age. At Joseph Ribkoff looking feminine is not a question of size or age… it’s a lifestyle! CAROL ZEE Carol Zee is a vibrant clothing label created and based in Cape Town. Fresh designs with timeless style. Our clothing is comfortable, relaxed and very flattering. It appeals to women from 30 upwards. Carol’s intrigue of printing techniques and textiles is the passion behind her creative work. Artworks in collaboration with her favourite textile designers are created and then transformed into prints on fabric. The styling is classic and understated, with the fabric design giving Carol Zee its original and distinctive feel. FDJ – FRENCH DRESSING JEANS The secret of FDJ’s success rests on our understanding of how to create and offer a perfect fit for every type of silhouette. Only fabrics meeting the highest quality standards are used and all jeans contain Lycra® for greater stretch and recovery, comfort and durability. Also distinctive is the collection’s range of styles differing by Rise (Regular, Mid and Slightly Lower), Body Shape (Straight or Curvy), Height (Regular inseam of 33” or Petite inseam of 30”) and Leg Opening (Slim, Straight, Bootcut or Flared), designed to satisfy individual needs and preferences. The four FDJ steadfast and true fits: Peggy, Suzanne, Olivia, and Kylie. Each style is unique and sublimely shapes the silhouette in its own way, combining comfort, slimming effect, fashion and versatility. Season after season, loyal FDJ customers rediscover their favorite fits in new fabrics, detailing and embellishments. With various combinations of shape & rise to satisfy the needs of each, all fits are designed to lift the behind and slim the tummy. Complementing our line of shape-flattering jeans, FDJ also offers a collection of coordinates remarkably suited to denim: sweaters, blouses, jackets and vests. BARINGTON PANTS The Barrington brand was Established in 1976, by the late Peter Barrington. He was an engineer at heart with a passion for denim. Together with his skilled team he pioneered some of the best fitting jeans in South Africa and was one of the leading suppliers in South Africa’s chain stores. Today Barrington focuses on the more exclusive, independent retailers countrywide. At Barrington, denim has always been a way of life. We live and breathe denim, striving as Peter Barrington did to make jeans that feel as good as they look. Our jeans are for real women with curves and we want every customer to find their favourite pair – the pair that best fits their silhouette. GORDON SMITH Gordon Smith is an iconic Australian fashion label, first established in Sydney in 1992. The label was born from a demand in the Australian market for high quality garments that offered women style that transcended fads and fickle trends. Today the fundamental values remain true to the original vision. Now a highly trusted brand, Gordon Smith has a loyal customer following and a legacy of quality and attention to detail. In house, the team of talented Australian designers create monthly capsules that cater to the needs and desires of women across the world, by offering timeless fashionable collections with uncompromised quality and consistent fit. PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND Two hundred years in the making, Pringle of Scotland is one of the world’s most enduring luxury fashion brands. It has survived two world wars, rubbed shoulders with royalty and has garnered two centuries of celebrity endorsement. Pringle of Scotland is as relative to today’s consumer as it was 200 years ago. Its values of quality, innovation and attention to detail, remain the bastion of the brand, which has enjoyed generations of loyal consumer support. Pringle of Scotland has enjoyed equal success in South Africa. From its early beginning the brand has been sought after by sophisticated consumers who have remained loyal for almost five decades and is now one of the most recognised fashion brands in South Africa. JOLIE The ready to wear, lifestyle brand is far more than the French name “pretty” suggests. Meticulously designed by mother-daughter duo, Belinda & Ann Margaret Zietsman (owners of Rosella), the Jolie range is designed with the real, South African women in mind. Quality, style and comfort are central to Belinda & Ann Margaret’s design ethos, sourcing only the best fabrics locally and from as far afield as Europe, Canada and The East. “Regardless of season, our favourite looks always balance capturing the moment with being rooted in something bigger” – and it’s pretty apparent that mother-daughter design duo, Belinda and Ann Margaret, share the same philosophy. 5 Years ago the pair created Jolie, a contemporary collection incorporating original designs and playful silhouettes, focusing on comfort and quality. Jolie is timeless and versatile – effortlessly transforming corporate looks into occasion wear, an ally for the modern day women of all ages and sizes (10 to 22). A comprehensive look that encompasses all aspects of your wardrobe from clothing to footwear, handbags & accessories. FRANK LYMAN LET’S BE PERFECTLY FRANK … STYLE IS EVERYTHING! “The woman wearing my designs is sure of herself, a little bit rebel and wants to be unique. She is charming and audacious. To accentuate her femininity, she wears dresses and whether she wears a tunic and leggings, she’ll always be seductive and exciting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my customers for their continued loyalty. I am proud to say that all my collections are designed and produced in Canada.” – Frank Lyman CEO Frank Lyman started in the fashion industry at the age of 18, as a salesperson. His venture started throughout the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The moment he met his first customer, Frank Lyman knew he had a passion for fashion and especially design. Frank Lyman Design has been a success story in itself but more importantly has become a well-known international brand. MASTIK First Established in 1999, MASTIK, owned by Limor Azaraf, is known for providing superior garments to the non-stop fashion world. Mastik - Status is stocked in independent boutiques all over Africa. JENJA A wooden bead is hand sewn with amber thread into every Jenja garment representing the natural, eternal circle of life. We believe that while fashion changes, style endures. We celebrate natural materials and we seek to achieve true craftsmanship in the construction of every garment. We dress discerning women who appreciate simplicity and timeless beauty. We want our garments to bring effortless style to the lives of the women that wear them. SPANX SPANX founder Sara Blakely was getting ready for a party when she realized she didn’t have the right undergarment to provide a smooth look under white pants. Armed with scissors and sheer genius, she cut the feet off her control top pantyhose and the SPANX revolution began! With a focus on solving wardrobe woes, the SPANX brand has grown to offer bras, underwear, leggings, active and more. SPANX has secured its place in women's hearts and in pop-culture with daily mentions everywhere from CNN to SNL. In March of 2012, Founder Sara was named the world's youngest, self-made female billionaire by Forbes Magazine and one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA and opening retail shops across the United States, SPANX can now be found worldwide in more than 50 countries. In addition to keeping butts covered from Savannah to Singapore, SPANX also shapes the world by focusing on our mission: To help women feel great about themselves and their potential. YARRA TRAIL Yarra Trail was established in 1984 originally as a Menswear company. The brand grew at a significant pace. Sales increased and the brand developed and retailed in boutiques and department stores nationally. Yarra Trail Womenswear was later established in 1996 offering apparel for Woman in the 40+ category. Catering to our brand statement “Make Life One Long Weekend”, offering casual clothing, specialising in jackets, pants and shirts. We are renowned for our core product categories of Knitwear and Jackets and an extended range of casual co-ordinates. Our collections are based around monthly drops, each offering a new colour palette. Yarra Trail is designed in Australia and is available in David Jones, Myer and Boutiques Nationally, New Zealand and South Africa. MISS ME Founded in 2001, Miss Me embodies the spirit of the modern woman through its unique designs and artistic flair. Recognized for the brand's signature embellishments and intricate design, Miss Me® is committed to delivering quality denim and apparel. Miss Me Jeans was introduced to South Africa in 2010 and have a loyal support in high end boutiques and stores. Miss Me jeans is becoming one of the worlds premium ladies denim fashion brands. Miss me captures the edgy, bold and sexy side of the Miss me woman. Miss Me Jeans is a line known for its finest washes, specialized designs and tailored fits. Miss Me jeans is acclaimed for its embellished styles inspired by western and rock themes, but also enjoys the success of its hand-stitched and signature stitched basics from the denim brand line. POLO This sport chic brand is for the lady that enjoys indulging in the finer things in life, with the wardrobe to match. Made from the finest quality materials and produced to the highest standards, this South African-born brand is a must for every lady’s wardrobe. FOOTWEAR FROGGIE Froggie Shoes are made with a difference. With so many shoes being imported from other countries…probably one of our most important differences is that our shoes are made in South Africa, by South Africans, especially for the South African Woman’s Foot! (research conducted by Froggie in conjunction with the University of Johannesburg shows that the South African woman’s foot is different in size to that of Women’s feet in other countries). We constantly strive to bring consumers the latest in innovative shoe technology. The following range of comfort features are another reason our shoes are such a dream to wear: Rigid, inflexible soles have been proven to cause damage to the foot. The Flex Technology Comfort Feature in Froggie Shoes ensures that they FLEX, MOULD and MOVE with your feet making them exceedingly comfortable to walk in. Our under-foot foam ensures superior cushioning and support to the contours of the foot, with the added benefit of a soft and “perfect fit” experience. Our leathers are put through tumbling processes in order to create a soft and “wear-friendly” product. We are proud of the variety of textures and colours that we can offer. This allows us to make an extensive range that appeals to different lifestyles. We work closely in conjuction with a leading podiatrist who assists in ensuring the shoes we make are a great fit. We draw on the knowledge of design innovation, material sciences, mould making, information technology and podiatry research to bring technology into engineering shoes for the ultimate in comfort. ANGEL SOFT Shoes speak louder than words Angelsoftshoes is proudly manufactured by our very own factory, Angelfootwear, who have been manufacturing quality footwear for the past 40 years. Angelsoftshoes stocks only the best locally manufactured footwear where superior quality and affordability is priority to our customers. Our products are sourced locally, 100% leather and proudly South African. Angelsoft is the only South African footwear manufacturer currently making comfort sandals with this production process where the light and soft PU sole is moulded directly onto the upper and sock material fusing it together which is referred to as the PU DIP pouring process which is completely different to ordinary stuck-on application. No cellulose or other insole board of any kind is used and the upper is attached directly to the insole sock and then fused to the soft PU sole directly without any glue whilst the PU is still in hot liquid form offering the strongest possible bond and providing a durable and lightweight sole that is a very flexible, soft and light with a anatomic foot contour and arch support to provide extreme comfort with a fresh modern look. By eliminating the insole board used in most stuck-on footwear you remove the barrier between the foot and the soft PU sole ,thereby creating an extremely comfortable product to wear and allowing greater flexibility since the insole board usually restricts flexibility in stuck-on footwear. Given that the insole/upper are fused directly to the sole there is little or no water penetration between the upper and the sole that would normally occur in conventional stuck-on footwear which would then allow deterioration of an insole board once wet and the possible resultant product failure. There is no risk of adhesive failure as none is used. So the result is a product that is superior in weight,flexibility,durability and best of all soft and comfortable. Therefore that is why we say if you “Love your Feet” you will try an Angelsoftshoe today at our completely affordable prices and at the same time you are supporting a truly South African brand !! HOTTER There are many secret ingredients we conceal in every pair of Hotter shoes to make them the most comfortable you have ever tried. Features such as removable insoles, extra roomy toe boxes, soft padding at heels and tongues, lightweight, and shock absorbing soles and smooth internal seams – all these features combined will ensure your maximum comfort. There are many secret ingredients we conceal in every pair of Hotter shoes to make them the most comfortable you have ever tried. Features such as removable insoles, extra roomy toe boxes, soft padding at heels and tongues, lightweight, and shock absorbing soles and smooth internal seams – all these features combined will ensure your maximum comfort. PHELAN Phelan is a South African ladies leather footwear brand, founded in 1988 by Michael Phelan. Since then there has been great progression of growth and adaptation with competing new trends and styles made to appeal to a wide market. Many of the raw materials are sourced worldwide and then manufactured in South Africa in the Phelan factory. FIT FLOP At FitFlop we believe that our ‘newness’ at shoemaking gives us the freedom to dream. To see footwear with fresh eyes – and deliver equal parts fun, fearlessness and functionality. Nine years ago, when we first put our precision ergonomics under a set of sporty looking flip flop* straps, the only rules we followed were dictated by our expert bio-mechanists. We put their advice into practice, created our triple-density Microwobbleboard™ midsole, and launched it in the first FitFlop sandal. Now you’ll find our magic midsoles in shoes, boots, clogs and sneakers too. Our focus is still on delivering the best in biomechanics, but now in a wider variety of styles, so our customers can have that ‘happy FitFlop feeling’ any and every ‘wear’. Because at FitFlop, we believe that when your feet feel great, you can DO anything. SAKURA Sakura is a range of extremely high-quality leather shoes from the East. The Princess Loafers’ sole will last a lifetime and give you extreme comfort. This particular range has become so popular that it’s available in a large variety of different leathers and colours. Sakura is well known for its gorgeous designs, good quality and amazing comfort. HOLSTER holster is Australia’s leading footwear brand based in beautiful Noosa Beach, Australia. We design innovative women’s and children’s footwear covering you for the beach and beyond. holster is currently stocked in over 65 countries and 2500 of the most prestigious stores and fashion-forward boutiques globally such as Russell and Bromley, Selfridges and Fenwick (UK), Central (Thailand), Robinson’s and Parkson Elite (Malaysia), Tangs department store (Singapore), Lotte department store (Korea), Takashimaya (Vietnam), Level Kids and Robinson’s (Dubai) and David Jones (Australia). One of our key principles is to be a sustainable company and to use our influence to help prevent animal cruelty. Our design and development team is committed to a vegan protocol because it’s essential to us not to harm animals or take short cuts in production. Embracing this ethical philosophy in production has created 100% vegan footwear – registered with the Vegan Society UK and PETA Approved. Based at beautiful Noosa Beach, Australia our brand embodies the idyllic lifestyle and by designing shoes that are both beautiful and wearable, our footwear is not only great for your vacation but also the earth. Join the holster trend and “make every day a holiday with holster”. HUNTER Founded in 1856, Hunter is a progressive British heritage brand renowned for its iconic Original boot and holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment to HM The Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. The brand has a rich history of innovation and continues to forge designs that shield from the elements. JOLIE Jolie is thrilled to announce their recently launched shoe collection. Jolie Shoes is the perfect accompaniment to Jolie’s ready-to-wear clothing range. From heels to flats this shoe collection is both versatile and exquisite. Exclusive to Rosella Shoes. HUSH PUPPIES Since 1958, we’ve been leading the casual lifestyle revolution — helping people embrace everyday comfort. Our soft, breathable and comfortable footwear invited young families to break the rules, kick back and enjoy a comfortable, casual way of living. With over 17 million pairs of shoes sold every year in more than 165 countries around the world, Hush Puppies is a global brand, a household name and a cultural icon that embodies the light-hearted spirit of its beloved basset hound. Hush Puppies is the go-to footwear, accessory and apparel brand that delivers the right mix of timeless style, dependable comfort and quality. Inspired by Hunter’s spirit and heritage of 160 years, the launch of the Hunter Original collection has seen four pioneering catwalk shows at London Fashion Week, with every piece referencing the brand’s Original boot, first introduced in 1956. STACCATO Founded in Hong Kong in 1998, STACCATO was inspired by a travel experience of the brand founder. When she was walking down the streets in Italy, she was attracted by the pleasant piano music, along with a charming Italian lady that passed by. This lady was walking confidently in high heels, just like a jumping note holds a grace melody that empowers the rhythm of life – radiate her beauty from inside out. The brand founder has then established STACCATO and hope to inspire every woman with a cosmopolitan statement – Everywhere Is My Runway, through a variety of fashion footwear designs and creations. UGG In 1978, a young Australian surfer founded the UGG brand on the shores of Southern California. His Aussie roots forged a strong love for sheepskin and he was convinced the world would one day share this love. By the mid 1980's, the UGG brand had become a symbol of relaxed southern California culture, gaining momentum through surf shops up and down the California coast. UGG took the New York Fashion world by storm in the early 2000's, evolving from boots and slippers to stylish luxuries that graced the pages of Vogue. In 2006, UGG opened the doors to the brand's very first retail store in Soho, making its mark on the fashion capital of the world. NYC was the perfect place for the brand's first flagship store, providing UGG fans a powerful physical expression of the brand and offering a place to experience first hand the full breadth of the line. In 2008, UGG opened the Westfield and Covent Garden stores in London, increasing international reach and providing UK fans a destination to experience the UGG brand first hand. In 2006, UGG opened the Omotesando Hills store in Japan, marking the first step of international expansion. In 2008, UGG opened the Beijing Solana store in China, the first of what would become over 50 stores in China. In 2009 UGG shook up the fashion scene and teamed up with Jimmy Choo to create an edgy capsule collection. “Other than Jimmy Choo, UGG is really the only other footwear I have in my wardrobe.” - Tamara Mellon, OBE, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Choo VIA BEACH Slip into a pair of ViaBeach and spoil your feet with the essence of summer fun, beautiful beaches and rolling waves… No matter where in the world you are.





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